White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told a Philadelphia radio host that she’ll invite veterans to fill the spots of any NFL players who boycott a post-Super Bowl White House visit.

Each year, the winning Super Bowl team is invited to the White House to visit with the president. Ahead of Sunday’s game, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long said that if his team wins, he won’t be visiting Washington, D.C.

Long previously played on the New England Patriots and also declined an invitation after the team won the 2017 Super Bowl.

During a radio interview on the “Chris Stigall Show,” Conway, an Eagles fan, acknowledged the “smack talk” she’s heard that some players won’t attend.

However, it didn’t seem to bother Conway, and she already knows who she’ll pick to replace them.

“That’s OK. I’ll invite a couple more veterans that are Eagles fans,” she told host Chris Stigall. “No problem.”

While President Donald Trump and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft are good friends, Conway used a familiar analogy to try to sway Trump to root for the Eagles.

Conway compared the Patriots with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is repeatedly in the spotlight, and added the Eagles are “much more like insurgent candidate, ultimately successful, president of the United States Donald J. Trump.”

Source: therealreport