US President Donald Trump will not lend himself to being interviewed as part of pre-Super Bowl programming, the grand finale of the American Football League (NFL), breaking a tradition held by his predecessors George W. Bush and Barack Obama, according to local media reports. “He will not do an interview for the Super Bowl,” a White House official told CNN.

This tradition was established by the Republican Bush and then by his successor, the Democrat Barack Obama, who consolidated the custom in the two sections that was at the head of the US Government. After Obama left the Presidency, Trump himself agreed to lend last year for an interview – previously recorded – with the Fox conservative network, the television that aired the NFL final and one of the few media outlets praised by the magnate. after coming to power.

On this occasion, the one responsible for broadcasting the sporting event is NBC, one of the channels included in the media group that Trump calls “fake news” (false news). According to the local media, NBC itself has confirmed the White House’s refusal to submit to the questions of its journalists, although it recognizes that the offer remains on the table.

Trump has attacked numerous times the football league and the players of the same after some knelt during the reproduction of the anthem of the country and even refused to leave the locker room in protest against the president. The president even asked the competition to forbid his athletes to kneel on the lawn while the national anthem is playing. “The NFL has all kinds of rules and regulations, the only way out is to establish as a rule that you can not kneel during the national anthem,” said the tycoon through his Twitter account, in which he has pronounced multiple statements criticizing the collective and the entity.

This Sunday will be held in Minneapolis (Minnesota) the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl, which has become a global spectacle, and this time facing the teams of the New England Patriots and the Eagles of Philadelphia.