The statement comes at a time when the US president is preparing to authorize the publication of a confidential memorandum written by a Republican legislator

US President Donald Trump accused the FBI and the Justice Department Friday of having “politicized” the investigations in favor of his Democratic opponents.

“The highest officials and investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigation process in favor of the Democrats and against the Republicans,” Trump tweeted without saying specifically what he was referring to.

“This would have been unthinkable a short time ago,” he added, praising, however, the work of the agents who considered them “fantastic.”

Trump has named the current Justice Minister, Jeff Sessions, as well as the current FBI director, Christopher Wray, who replaced James Comey, fired by the president.

This frontal statement against FBI officials, unusual for a president of the United States, comes at a time when Trump is preparing to authorize the publication of a confidential memorandum written by a controversial Republican legislator in order to overwhelm the FBI.

The director of the organization has already clearly indicated that he was not in favor of that publication.

The memorandum – unpublished – has been drafted by the controversial head of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, the Republican Devin Nunes, against the opinion of the Democratic members of his committee and from secret information.

That report is based on the FBI’s eavesdropping on a member of Trump’s election campaign team in 2016, in the general framework of investigations into the alleged interference by Russia in the presidential elections of that year.

Nunes asked the president for permission to make the document public, but the gesture immediately unleashed a real political storm in the US capital, to the point that the FBI itself publicly requested that the memorandum be kept confidential.