Legislators who do what they guarantee are very rare in DC. Particularly on the off chance that it places them in danger.

Which, by my gauge, influences Donald To trump the rarest of the uncommon. Since he’s tried to do what few others have, and in a situation more unfriendly than any in presidential history.

So when he chooses to do a visit to the outskirt of North and South Korea would be an incredible provocative stroll in their backyard. And guess what, Trump will take that walk.

Reuters reports:

U.S. President Donald Trump may travel to the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea when he visits South Korea next month.

The White House sent an advance team of working-level officials to check candidate sites for Trump’s “special activity” in South Korea.

Trump was expected to send a significant message to North Korea, either verbally or “kinetically”, during his first trip to the peninsula as U.S. commander-in-chief.

‘Kinetically,’ of course, meaning ‘physically.’ Because there’s nothing more intimidating or dominating than being physically present on the border.

It’s opportunity the libs are stressing about: Trump’s reckless style of taking everything head-on is, potentially, the main thing that may stop an atomic Korean War II. Since nothing stops a crazy person more than somebody who isn’t willing to get down for anything.

Regardless of the possibility that he’s remaining on North Koreas border while doing it. That is putting your cash where your mouth is.

It’s important that Trump’s visit is more risky than every single past visit. Also, indeed, there have been past visits – most recently by Barack Obama.

Obama’s visit, however, was very shy and tame if you can say so. He should have gone all out.

No one yet thinks a visit to the Korean outskirt by a man who has countered each North Korean atomic risk with his very own response.

Trump doesn’t mince words. He’ll battle, if the chance comes that he needs to.

Furthermore, he’ll put Kim Jong-Un a little stunned and asking who is this brave new president.

SOURCE: mediaconservative